If your business building is larger than most, it is always important that customers can find their way around. However, in a medical facility where your customers are patients coming to you for treatment, wayfinding becomes an even more important aspect of customer care. In order to ensure that each of your patients can navigate efficiently through the building, your wayfinding signs must be well designed. There is a simple ABC rule set that you should keep in mind when you are in the process of designing wayfinding signs for your medical facility. 

Arrange directions in a logical flow. 

When you are designing your wayfinding signs, be sure that you lay out directions in a logical directional flow. Start with the nearest points of interest from the sign's position point in the building and work your way down the list to things that are further away. 

Be selective with color schemes. 

The key to making sure that your medical facility's wayfinding signs are as visible as possible is to go with a color scheme that stands out from the rest of the facility's interior decor. While the color scheme should be reflective of the business and facility, if it fits in too seamlessly, the sign will not be visible from a distance. Stick with contrasting colors, like dark blue lettering against a white background or vice versa, and skip soft color hues for pertinent sign information. 

Carefully design your signs with all patients in mind. 

You may think that slapping some words and arrows on a sign will suffice for patients trying to find their way around, but you have to keep in mind that not all patients will be looking for directions in the same way. Some people traversing through the building will be paying more attention to picture representations than anything else. Therefore, make sure that your wayfinding signs are designed with written text and pictures that are normally attributed to certain things, such as restrooms, elevators, or exits. 

Design your sign large to be legible. 

The last thing you want in a medical building is a wayfinding sign that looks cluttered, with tiny text and hard-to-sift-through information. People looking to find their way will likely be in a hurry to get where they need to be. If your building is rather large, wth several floors and many points of interest, you will definitely need to go with larger signs that will hold the needed information in a legible way. 

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