Casting is commonly used to turn aluminum into a number of the products you see on the market today. While technology continues to grow and change, the main principle is still going to be the same. The melted aluminum is put into a mold until it creates a certain pattern that can be used to make a product. Depending on the mold and process used, the mold is either thrown away or reused to produce the same components time and time again. There are a few different types of methods that can be used to make the patterns needed today. Find out more about the different methods below.

Mold casting

Like the name implies, molds are used in this method of casting. Molds are made out of either silicone, steel, urethane or iron. The aluminum is poured into the mold and allowed to cure. After it has cured, the material is removed from its mold and put to use. Thanks to its amazing strength, this method is often used for making car parts and other large components.

Die casting

With die casting, the aluminum is formed into a mold using a tremendous amount of pressure. This particular type of casting is often used to create smaller components using the same die over and over to rapidly produce parts. Another key component of this method is that it can produce parts that are formed with even the most intricate of details. One of the most common types of die casting that many have heard of is a die cast model car, often found in your local big box retailers.

Sand casting

If you are looking for a method that has stood the test of time and is extremely versatile, sand casting is it. A bunch of dry sand is pressed down into the mold. You can then pour any type of material into the mold to create your ideal shape. After the product has a chance to cool down and cure, you can easily brush all of the excess sand off the mold. While this process does tend to take a bit longer than some of the others out there, it tends to work great when you only need a few of the same item or you are looking to create something with amazing detail.

While these are only three of the different methods available, there are countless others out there as well.