A check valve is commonly used to allow the flow of fluid in one direction. It prevents the fluid from flowing back into the line once the fluid has passed through. One of the best things about these valves is that they are completely automated. Other valves end up shutting down when the plant doesn't have electricity, air, or someone there to open the valves up. These valves are found inside of the home or in a business setting. To help you better understand more about these valves, check out the information below.

What makes a check valve work?

Check valves are entirely dependent on whether fluid is flowing through the system or not. Internal discs let fluid pass through the system. When that happens, the valves open. That disc then ends up closing the internal valve whenever the flow of fluid decreases. Depending on how the component is designed, it might contain components such as a stem, ball, spring, disc arm, body, cover, disc, and seat to name a few. Without all of the different components coming together to tell the valve when to open and close, the liquid would end up flowing in and out of the main system without knowing when to stop.

What are some of the problems with these valves?

One of the issues surrounding a check valve is reverse flow. This is one of the last repairs that you want to make. Not only is it a costly repair to make, but it can cause a world of problems for you. Beyond having to pay money to fix the main component, you also have to factor in the money your business is going to lose while having the repair done and much more. To solve the problem, you need to have a fast-closing valve installed.

Water hammers occur when the water pressure surges and waves push the component's disc into the seat, thus causing a hammering sound to occur. Because of the extreme pressure from the water surge, you could end up with ruptured pipes and damaged supports and equipment. In this situation, you need to have one of the fast-closing valves installed as well.

Check valves aren't something that you should ignore. If something doesn't seem right and your liquid is flowing quicker than normal, you need to have someone look into it for you to see what needs to be done to correct the problem.

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