The warmer weather brings with it many enjoyable outdoor activities, not the least of which is a string of parades. These events are generally great for all members of the community, but to fully enjoy them means that everyone should practice proper parade etiquette and safety. Business owners and parade goers need to follow several "rules."


Sometimes, parking is the biggest challenge for parade goers and local businesses. Although no one wants to hike five miles to reach the parade, they still do not have the right to block private home driveways and business parking lots. One way to minimize this problem is for parade goers to carpool to the site, freeing up parking spaces. You can also have the driver drop the car load of people near the parade and then park away from the congestion. That person should be given a cold beverage and many thanks when they make it to the festivities.

Business owners can protect themselves from chaos and parking lot accidents by keeping their parking lot in good shape with all the appropriate parking barriers in place. You have every right to expect that parade goers will respect your parking barriers and also not completely overtake your parking lot. You can have someone patrol your parking lot during the parade to encourage safe parking, but be careful about turning parade watchers away. Allowing some parking in your lot cultivates good community relations and after-parade shopping. If you're interested in learning more about parking barrier systems, however, talk to companies like Eastco; Mfg Corp.


At many parades, the custom of throwing candy and other goodies is still a thriving tradition. Sometimes, this tradition can be dangerous, particularly if you dive out into the street to retrieve the candy or beads that miss the spectators. You, and especially your children, should never go into the street to get any items. In addition, you should take turns picking up items with your parade neighbors. Bitterly competing for pieces of gum is going to ruin the carefree ambiance of the event.

If your business has  "walkers" in the parade, you may want them to switch from throwing "goodies" to the crowd  to walking over and handing them out instead. Although this practice takes more time, safely getting your branded items into the hands of adults and children will be more effective than wildly and dangerously throwing them.

Parades are an All-American activity that can be great for families and businesses.All parade aspects require common courtesy and accommodation for those around you. The proper attitude and behavior will mean a good time will truly be had by all.