When remodeling your existing building or planning a new construction, you should pay extra attention to your building's entrance. This space is where visitors to your business get their first impression of the company, so making sure it looks great and offers comfort can help your business to stand out. Here are just a few ways to make sure your entrance is as impressive as your business.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors create an open feel for the front entrance to your business. Since the doors automatically open, they are accessible for people with disabilities. This helps to create a more welcoming atmosphere for all people visiting your building. If possible, opt for double sliding doors to create a grand entrance, which can create a more impressive look. Be sure to have your company name and logo painted on the exterior door as an extra way to advertise your business.

Air Curtain Heating

If you plan on creating a vestibule, opt for an air curtain heating system. This type of heating system consists of a heater placed above the interior side of your commercial doors. When the first set of sliding glass doors opens, your visitors will feel a rush of warm air to keep them warm on cold days. When the second set of doors opens, the heat is channeled into your building, creating a steady source of heat for your lobby or waiting room. Air curtain heating systems are available in a range of sizes to accommodate both the heating needs of your building and the design of your building's entry doors.

Visitor Seating Areas

Offering a place for visitors to sit near your entrance offers several benefits. Cozy benches can add to the welcoming look of your entrance, and they can provide people with a place to sit as they wait for public transportation. For buildings with valet service, a seating area provides a handy place for your customers and clients to wait while their vehicles are retrieved from your parking structure. Place benches near the outside of the building for warm summer days, and place them inside your vestibule for a warm place to wait on chilly winter days. If you don't have a vestibule for your building, place the benches in front of a window near your commercial doors for easy access to the exit and convenient viewing of vehicles approaching the entrance.

Creating a welcoming entrance for your building is one way to make a great first impression with customers and clients. Use these ideas to help create a stunning entrance that sets your business apart from the competition. Check out companies like Steel Doors for more advice.