Whether you have just had some work done on your garage or have just completed a DIY project that involved aluminum sheet metal, there is a good chance you still have a sheet or two hanging out in your garage. Before you pack up the scrap metal and haul it off to the recycling center for scrap metal pick up, you should know that fabricated aluminum sheet metal can be incredibly useful material to have around. There are all kinds of creative ways you can put these thin sheets of metal to good use in your home, especially when it comes to your garage.

Help evenly distribute heat in your garage.

Many homes do not have heat vents in the garage, which is why most people use some type of space heater or wood stove for heating in the space when they need it. The only problem with this is the fact that the heat may not get dispersed evenly, often just accumulating in one area. To better distribute the heat throughout the space, you should line the wall or the area around the heat source you are using with aluminum sheeting. The metal deflects the heat outward into the garage so you get to enjoy a more evenly heated space.

Place a sheet of aluminum under your parked car.

Between coolant, oil, and fuel, your car is filled with various types of fluids that you really don't need dripped all over the floor of your garage. Simply lining the parking area with a sheet of aluminum is a good way to add a layer of protection. You can use a basic flooring adhesive to attach the aluminum to the floor of the garage if it is concrete, or you can simply lay it in place and it will likely stay put.

Cover your work area to keep it protected.

You probably have some type of work bench or work surface in your garage, but if your home is like most, the surface is just made of wood which is very hard to keep clean. Line these work surfaces with sheets of aluminum and you will never have to worry again about grease and spills that would otherwise be practically impossible to clean up. The aluminum sheets can be attached to a wooden work surface with basic metal screws and the edges even folded over the sides to create a finished look if you prefer.