When you are organizing an event that is going to require some lighting, audio, and other stage equipment, renting the equipment is often an affordable and convenient option. Working with a rental company can be helpful if you don't know what you need specifically because the rental company can help you determine what will work best.

Lighting And Supports

Often an event that uses a stage will need some lights for effect and essential lighting. A lighting truss is usually set up over the stage that the lights can be attached to and positioned so that they can be triggered to create specific effects at specific times during the presentation. 

A lighting board will also need to be part of this setup, and you will need to have a lighting professional that can run the board in most cases. An entertainment lighting rental company can rent you the lights, trusses, and lighting board for your event, but you will need to provide a lighting engineer to run it. 

The lighting rental company will also set up the lighting system for you most of the time. If you have already hired a light engineer to run the lights, they may have some specific requests for the lighting system, so it is a good idea to get them involved in the rental process, and they should be there when the lights are set up to ensure that everything is positioned correctly for your event. 

Removal Of Lighting Equipment

Once your event has concluded, the entertainment lighting rental services will come and take the lighting system down and remove them for you. It is essential not to try and dismantle the lighting yourself because if something is damaged, you could be responsible for the damage, and the lighting equipment is very expensive. 

There may be parts of the system that need to come apart in specific sequences or require particular tools to take apart, so it is best to let the rental company deal with all the disassembly. The rental contract may even specify that the rental company must assemble and disassemble the lighting before and after the event.

If the lighting needs to be removed within a specific time frame, talk with the rental company and let them know there is a particular deadline for removing the equipment. They can plan to have a crew there in time to get the lights down and off the site within the deadline, but the earlier you let them know about the deadline, the easier it will be to ensure that they remove them on time. 

If you need equipment lighting rentals, talk to a rental company near you.