When working in manufacturing, teams rely on various forms of heavy machinery and tools to complete their daily tasks. However, once a product has been finalized, its journey is far from over. Companies must ensure that the product makes it to the end consumer quickly and safely. Unfortunately, product packaging and shipping is often an area where companies attempt to cut corners. This is a costly mistake that ultimately costs companies far more in the long run. If a product is poorly packaged, companies run the risk of incurring unnecessary costs and needing to spend time rectifying the issue. Needless to say, these consequences have a significant negative impact on overall business efficiency. Fortunately, there are various tools that companies can rely on to reduce these risks. Foam inserts are one such tool. These customizable inserts enable companies to secure their product packaging and improve business efficiency. Read on below to learn more about how foam packaging inserts enhance business efficiency.

Foam Packaging Inserts Prevent Product Damage During Transport

Companies must use filler materials inside of product packaging to keep the product in place, preventing the product from being jostled around and damaged during transport. Many companies rely on packing peanuts and bubble wrap to secure their products during transport. However, for oddly shaped or fragile equipment, these options are often not enough. If products are damaged during transport, they are no longer fit for sale, wasting valuable stock. If a damaged product reaches a customer, it can damage a company's reputation as well,  in addition to requiring a refund for the customer. Needless to say, dealing with returns, product replacements, and other activities can quickly prove to be a drain on company resources and reduce overall operational efficiency. Fortunately, companies can customize the thickness, material, density, and design of their foam inserts to match the size, shape, and weight requirements of each particular product, minimizing the risk of product damage and wasted resources.

Foam Packaging Inserts Reduce Product Monitoring Requirements

Monitoring for product damage, returns, and replacements involve the use of dedicated resources and company staff. Dedicating staff to these tasks takes away from companies' ability to fund tasks that directly generate more revenue. Fortunately, companies can reduce the number of employees dedicated to these tasks by minimizing damage risks using foam inserts. Companies can then use these employees and the liberated funds in other areas of the business, trimming out unnecessary damage control operations and maximizing business efficiency.


Product damage, returns, and replacements are costly concerns that threaten to slow down company operations. Fortunately, by using foam packaging inserts, companies can ensure that doesn't happen.

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