If you're looking to measure the distance between two tapped holes, you'll need a location gage. It's an easy tool to use and comes in different sizes and designs. You can easily find one for your measuring operations if you perform these actions. 

Make Sure the Handle Is Comfortable

If you plan on using a location gage a lot for measuring the distance between tapped holes, then you need to prioritize getting a gage with a comfortable handle. Then you'll be able to steadily hold this gage, get accurate measurements, and not suffer any type of hand fatigue when completing these operations.

What makes the handle comfortable on a location gage will be unique to you. Because of this, it's best to pick these gages up in person so that you can assess the handle comfort thoroughly. There might be a certain shape or grip pattern that you like and testing these location gages in person will be the only way to tell for certain.

Look for a Durable Steel

If you have hopes of using the same tapped hole location gage for a long time in your operations, then you need to get a gage that's durable. You'll have dependable durability if you make sure this location gage comes built out of a durable steel variety.

For example, stainless steel or steel with the right mix of alloys can hold up to pretty much any work environment you'll expose this measuring tool to. There are a lot of coats you can have applied to steel to give it the weatherproof qualities that you'll need for a lasting location gage.

Verify Accuracy

The whole purpose of using a location gage is to measure the distance between two tapped holes. As such, you need to make sure this gage is capable of providing accurate measurements from the beginning so that you can record this data and make smarter decisions based off it. 

You can have better insights on the accuracy of these location gages by talking to contractors who've used different varieties in the past. They'll have firsthand accounts of how various gages performed and that can be revealing and ultimately help you find the right location gage more quickly.

If you need to find out the distance between tapped holes, make sure you invest in a location gage that's durable and accurate. Then performing these measurements won't be a challenge. 

Contact a local industrial equipment supplier to learn more about tapped hole location gages.