Metal-clad products are those that have two different types of metal varieties, often for functional reasons. If you want to purchase or create some of your own, look through this guide before proceeding forward. 

Understand Your Application Carefully

You can find a lot of different metal-clad products available for sale and they can vary tremendously in the alloys or metal combinations they feature. However, if you carefully think about the application you plan to buy for, you'll have clear insights on what materials to focus on. 

For instance, if you plan to buy a clad product that's exposed to outside elements, you want its metal combinations to improve weather resistance. Or maybe your project requires durability and great visuals, in which case you might go with steel for durability and copper for aesthetics. As long as you carefully analyze your application, you'll know what properties your metal-clad products need to feature. 

See What Metal Combinations Work Best Together

Before you choose metal varieties for a clad product, it's a good idea to find out early on which varieties work best together. Not all metal types have advantageous properties when combined together and as long as you remain cognizant of this fact, you can make a better-clad investment.

Some of the better pairings include steel with nickel and copper with aluminum. If you're unsure about a metal combination, get professional advice before you attempt to combine metals together for a unique product at the end.

Refine Your Molds

If you plan to develop custom metal-clad products for a project, you'll probably work with molds. They are what help form metal varieties into a certain shape and size. It's vital to refine your molds before manufacturing begins because this can save you time and costs throughout product development. 

You'll have ample design capabilities if you use 3D rendering software to create working molds. It will be easy to adjust your designs in this software until they're perfect. You may even want to consult with a metal-clad expert to ensure your molds are perfect. Once they are refined, you can pour different metal varieties with success and ultimately get a product that doesn't require adjustments. 

Metal-clad products — those that feature more than one metal type — have a lot of incredible benefits. As long as you choose the right metals to combine and cater to a specific application, you can be happy with how clad products work out. For more information on metal-clad products for sale, contact a professional near you.